Dappy pleads guilty to knife charge

N-Dubz rapper Dappy at Guildford Crown Court

Dappy has pleaded guilty to exposing a knife in public during a huge row with his girlfriend, Iman Campbell, outside the home they share with their baby daughter. Dappy allegedly grabbed the knife after partner Imani Campbell had armed herself with a boning knife.

Police had to be called to the couple’s home where Dappy was then arrested. Dappy pleaded not guilty to common assault on Imani which was accepted by the prosecution. A further charge of using threatening words and behaviour was discontinued by the crown.

Dappy is allegedly said to likely receive a custodial sentence because of the offence. The judge said on the next occasion he will also view for himself the footage of the incident and he said Dappy should be brought to court so that he can give evidence if he wants to.

He refused though to grant him bail due to the seriousness of the offence and the fact that issues still needed to be resolved. He said another reason for not allowing him bail was the need to preserve the integrity of evidence.