Craig David surprises London bus passengers by impromptu performance


Craig David has surprised London commuters when he performed an acoustic version of his iconic song “7 Days” along with new single “Magic” from top 10 album ‘The Time Is Now’.

The singer had tweeted earlier in the day to say he was about to do a “special acoustic set” that would be streamed to Facebook, but did not elaborate where it would take place.

As the song gets into full swing, thrilled passengers rush down from the upper deck when they realise it is the real Craig David performing on board.

The excited group then begin singing along to the R&B singer’s Brit and Grammy nominated hit which reached number one when it was released 18 years ago.

In the footage, he is seen waiting at the a bus stop when he says to the camera: “What we are going to do is we are going to jump on the bus and give the passengers a little private performance – low key – we are just going to freestyle it.”

He then performed his new track Magic to the group, before ending the video saying: “You guys are amazing. Thank you, we just wanted to get a little vibe going on.”

How lovely is that?!