COMP: Enter our 30 second clip competition to win a huge opportunity with Axel Blake! #INGL


For a chance to win a huge opportunity with comedian Axel Blake, follow the instructions below:

Entrants must be over 18 and submit a no more than 30 second vid of a comedy sketch which will be voted for by public! For a chance to enter, you’ll have to tag Link Up TV and Axel on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag INGL with your 30 second video clip.

The final winner will be picked from 5 x semi-finalists by Axel a week before the show.  The winner will have their video showcased on Link Up and Axel’s insta and will win a pair of tickets to the show and must be prepared to go on stage at the show with Eddie Kadi during the audience participation segment and do a no more than 30 second stand up / joke! Sick right?

Get filming!