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Meet Nathan Miller – a 22-year-old documentary filmmaker (occasionally music videos too) from East London. Having worked previously on a 20 minute documentary on Roc Nation’s DJ Cipha Sounds, he has gone on to work on his third official piece – ‘LDN’ a documentary exploring London’s influential music scene. Featured guests include 67, J Hus, Vicky Grout, SNE, Caroline SM, Kojey Radical, Siobhan Bell, Nyge, Posty and many more.

Check out the trailers below and a exclusive chat he had with Link Up!

What inspired you and gave you the idea to do a film about the London music scene?

Following the release of ‘Ciph’ many people would ask what’s next, what am I going to do for the scene? etc. I was attending a New Gen show and it dawned on me how special it is in London right now. I decided then and there that my next piece would be about the music scene in London, and I’ve been working on it ever since.

Your idea is quite different, what made you think of presenting the UK scene in the form of a documentary, why did you pick to do it in this way?

Documentaries are what I’m known for, not intentionally – My first piece was an experiment and it got great reviews and so I carried on rolling with it. One thing I can say is – it’s one thing to see a picture 10 years later but with film/video it’s something new viewers can experience, in all it’s glory. I have a good feeling that ‘LDN’ will be a big reference in the near future, there are many prospective people taking part, time will tell where they wind up but I know I have captured some special moments.

What was your favourite part about making the project?

My favourite part has been hanging out with those taking part, getting to know the people. It’s tiring but fun.

Are you working on anything else after this?

I have a project that I am working on that I believe will change the education of business – yet to be announced. Film wise, time will tell, I usually get an idea and just run with it.

Check out the two teaser trailers for the documentary below:

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