C Biz Freed From Jail!


North West London-based rapper C Biz is now a free man after being cleared with murder earlier today at the Old Bailey. The 30 year old artist had been in custody for months after being accused of arranging a drive by shooting in Harlesden. The rapper – real name David Osadebey, was released after the four week trial collapsed, with the defense lawyers successfully arguing that the prosecution had failed to present sufficient evidence to the court. The judge Gerald Gordon told the jury “My conclusion was in respect of both of these defendants there was not sufficient evidence. I will be asking you to return a verdict of not guilty”.

27 year old Oliver Tetlow passed away having sustained approximately 14 bullet wounds after being gunned down on the streets of Harlesden with a Skorpion sub-machine gun in March 2016. The prosecution deemed it to be a case of mistaken identity in what prosecutor Thomas Kark QC referred to as “A revenge attack”, in an ongoing feud between C Biz and Church Road rapper Nines – who recently signed a deal with independent record label XL Recordings.

C Biz stood trial alongside three others, including fellow £R rapper Hurricane, who was acquitted over the Christmas holidays and opened up about his time on trial facing a lengthy sentence on his recently released track ‘First Day Out The Feds’. All four defendants  have now been cleared of all charges.