Cardi B Hints At New Album Coming This Year

Cardi B

Cardi B reveals that she has plans to release another album before the year ends, but states that the success of her debut is putting pressure on her.

Her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, went three times platinum, and left her awarded with Best Rap Album award from the Grammy’s, so it’s no surprise that Cardi feels like she has a lot to live up to. Nevertheless, she’s done it before, so she’s capable of doing it again.

In a short-clip shared by Variety, Cardi stated, “I’m starting to prepare myself now because I’m really trying to put out an album for this year. But my last album, Invasion of Privacy, it just went three times platinum… so now it’s just like, aw snap. It’s big pressure on me.”

She also mentioned that she has two artists, who she said aren’t very well-known as of yet, that she would love to put on her forthcoming album, and that we’ll find out who they are in October. So, keep that in mind, because there may be something very special coming in October!

Check out the short-interview yourself below, and let us know if you’re looking forward to a new Cardi B album.