Cadet’s Mother Gives Heartwarming Tribute At Hyde Park Memorial

Cadet hype park tribute memorial

Cadet’s mum gives a heartwarming speech in which she says her son’s life “was not in vain”.

An organised tribute took place at Hyde Park, yesterday at 3PM, for Cadet, real name Blaine Johnson, who passed away in the early hours of Saturday morning. The 28-year-old was travelling to Keele University for a performance when he was involved in a collision and lost his life, leaving a nation of fans heartbroken.

At Hyde Park, fans gathered with balloons to pay tribute to the rapper, and Cadet’s mother gave a heartwarming speech; wowing everyone with the strength that she displayed, just one day after her son’s death. She thanked the crowd for attending and said: “My son’s life was not in vain. He was not in vain. He was able to touch your lives and to influence you to achieve whatever you want to be.” She urges men to express themselves and not to keep pent up anger inside. “We are so proud of him. He has accomplished so much in his life and it was not wasted.”

Krept also spoke about his fall out with Cadet, and how he is glad to have resolved it. He says “If I didn’t, it would have eaten me up for the rest of my life”. He urges the crowd to resolve issues that they have with people.

The strength Cadet’s family have shown has inspired and touched so many. Rest in peace to the underrated legend.