British Police Are Beating Black Men To Death #JusticeforEdson


Every time I see the murder of black man, woman or child at the hands of American police; I breathe a sigh of relief that I live in England and not America. Well on Thursday June 15th 2017 that came to an end with the murder of Edir Frederico Da Costa.

Edir (also known as Edson) and two other people were stopped in a car in Beckton, Newham on June 15th at 10 PM. The police report states that Edson was then detained and later became ‘unwell‘. I absentmindedly scrolled past this story. Of course it’s sad, but someone becoming ‘unwell‘ is hardly newsworthy. Until you realise exactly ‘unwell‘ what means.

The police report readily admits using ‘force’ and ‘CS Spray’. Fine. CS spray isn’t killing anyone. They sprayed CS directly into his eyes so heavily he lost his sight; but CS spray is not what killed him. No, what killed him was:

  • A neck broken in two places
  • A fractured skull
  • Collapsed lungs
  • A fallen diaphragm
  • A ruptured bladder
  • A fallen voicebox
  • Head injuries so severe they caused his brain to die and left him foaming at the mouth when the officers finally stopped.

(Picture: Go Fund Me) Edir Frederico Da Costa, known as Edson, died in hospital six days after he was stopped in a car Dad dies after police use 'force' and CS spray during arrest - family claim neck broken in two places

By far the most troubling issue here is just how little effort the officers put into covering their tracks. They state they detained him by ‘force‘ then suddenly he ‘became unwell‘. Do the math; healthy man meets police officer ‘using force’; healthy man dies…so…the police officer killed him then right?

Edson died as a result of his injuries. But in the police report the pathologist concluded ‘…there were no injuries to suggest severe force was used.’ Despite 1. The very same report stating force was used and 2. (see horrific list of injuries) and 3. Edson being dead. So either some magical off switch caused Edson to die or he was beaten to death and the pathologist is lying. But surely a pathologist wouldn’t lie would they?

Police Lie

Well during the 2009 investigation of the death of Ian Tomlinson, Pathologist Freddy Patel performed an autopsy on Tomlinson and concluded he died of ‘coronary artery disease‘. Two other autopsies were later performed by different pathologists and revealed that Tomlinson had died of ‘blunt force trauma‘.
Patel then revealed the police told him to ‘rule out any assault or crush injuries associated with public order.‘ oh and:

  • In the same investigation, a statement was released detailing the police effort to revive Tomlinson who had ‘collapsed’. While they were fighting to save his life protesters were hurling missiles. CCTV footage revealed this was a lie. Tomlinson didn’t collapse, he was struck by officer Sam Harwood and video footage actually shows the protesters administering first aid and looking after Tomlinson and ONE PLASTIC bottle being thrown. Tomlinson died from his injuries.


  • In April 2005 Azelle Rodney was unarmed when he was executed by police marksman dubbed ‘a serial killer’ by his own bosses. A high court judge found ‘no lawful justification’ for opening fire. An official inquiry into the marksman found he kept firing at ‘dead or dying’ Rodney. The marksman known only as ‘E7‘ was awarded £5,000 compensation for slander.


  • April 1st 1998 Christopher Alder is arrested. Despite being handcuffed a witness states he is able to climb into the van unassisted. 6 minutes later they arrive at Queen’s Garden police station and Christopher Alder is unconscious. He is dragged from the police van to a cell handcuffed, trousers and underpants around his ankles. He had lost control of his bowels and is left dying left face down with a pool of blood forming around his mouth. CCTV footage is found of the police officers making monkey noises while Alder is dying in the cell.


  • Sean Rigg was arrested and placed in a police van with his legs bent behind him to fit in the van’s cage. During the journey to Brixton police station Rigg’sphysical and mental health deteriorated‘. Upon arrival he was left in the cage for 10 minutes. During those 10 minutes Sergeant Paul White stated that he repeatedly checked on Riggs while he was in the van. When CCTV footage revealed this to be a lie he conceded that he couldn’t have visited the van. He was cleared of lying at an inquest.


  • It was initially reported by that Mark Duggan shot at police, resulting in him being shot. Ballistics revealed that a bullet that had lodged itself in a police officers radio was of police issue and his supposed gun was 10-14 ft from where he fell.

But the IPCC are even worse…

The Independent Police Complaints Commission investigate cases of police of misconduct and hold them accountable. Sounds good in theory until you realise that’s not the case. Sticking with Mark Duggan

  • The IPCC admit misleading the media by perpetuating the false narrative that Mark Duggan shot at police. The IPCC said in a statement: ‘Analysis of media coverage and queries raised on Twitter have alerted us to the possibility that we may have inadvertently given misleading information to journalists when responding to very early media queries following the shooting of Mark Duggan by Metropolitan Police Service officers on the evening of August 4.


  • Three months after Mark Duggan’s death, it was discovered that the minicab in which he was travelling before he was shot was moved by police officers after the shooting. It was revealed that removal of the cab, containing forensic and other evidence of major significance, had been sanctioned by IPCC investigators before they had even reached the scene.


  • In the death of Ian Tomlinson the first and completely false statement released; was done so in conjunction with the IPCC. But when journalist and well known whistleblower Nick Davies (exposed The Sun phone hacking scandal) asked why the IPCC would be even be involved if the officers had done nothing wrong, he revealed that senior sources within the MET had stated privately that the assault had been seen in the police control room and an officer on the ground reported it. The IPCC deny this; but as the IPCC only become involved in cases of police misconduct it’s clear they knew about the assault beforehand.


  • The majority of senior investigators within the IPCC are ex police officers.


  • 827 people have died in police custody and not a single officer has been convicted.


  • In the death of Sean Rigg the IPCC allowed the officers to confer, didn’t take statements from all of the officers, waited 6 months to examine CCTV footage, didn’t challenge officer statements.


And yes, of course they are also ‘investigating’ the death of Edson. The group that have ensured no police officer has been charged in over 30 years.

ed 3

So to recap: we have the police break the law, the IPCC who are supposed to investigate the police…breaking the law and when they are convicted and taken to trail and everyone agrees beyond a shadow of a doubt they are guilty, the high court won’t convict them. Knowing that makes it easy to understand why they did such a half hearted attempt at covering the murder up. They know they’ll get away with it. This isn’t headline news, that’s not an accident and if it does manage to gain traction, even when we eventually see the murder on CCTV they’ll all walk. Scott free. It’s actually surprising police aren’t murdering people on the street more.

Thanking God that we don’t live in America is delusional at this point. We have our Philando’s and our Terence’s; it’s just that the media has done a good job of convincing us ‘things aren’t as bad as America‘ There are two things that separate us from the American’s at this point:

1. Armed pol- wait Theresa May just put more armed police AND SOLDIERS on our streets.

2. American’s kill on camera. The British police tend to be more hands on when it comes to murder. They typically commit the attack in the police van and then allow the victim to die slowly in a cell.

And that’s it. But believe me when they get their hands on a gun someone will die and they don’t even hide behind ‘I feared for my life‘.

So barring some divine intervention Edir Frederico Da Costa was murdered. He isn’t the first to die in this way but the cavalier attitude with which the crime was committed will set a precedence. For you. Every time a case becomes public, goes to trial and the police walk emboldens the others. It sends a message to them that they can do whatever they want and no one can stop them. It actually makes less sense to be a law abiding officer as you’ll be blackballed by all the other corrupt officers.

So when an officer decides it’s your turn to be harassed what exactly will stop him from doing the exact same thing to you if he doesn’t like your tone of voice?

Well like the American’s the only thing you have is social media. That’s it. Don’t be fooled there’s no amount of behaviour that will stop you being black, muslim, asian or simply not rich enough to not be harassed. But filming EVERY interaction will make a difference. It’s not a guarantee but if you feel threatened ‘Going live’ on Facebook might just save your life.

Edir Frederico Da Costa was a father of one with another on the way. These police officers have savagely left two children without a father and unless something is done they will certainly do it again. So please donate to the GoFundMe funeral costs, share the #JusticeForEdson hashtag, involve yourself however you can and upgrade your phone storage, so you can film everything.