BREAKING NEWS: Females Don’t Automatically Want to F***k You If You’re a Rapper


Entitlement: ‘the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment” (the Oxford Dictionary)


I’m a firm believer that the harder you work, the more success you achieve in life. If you work hard to reach your goals, the more deserving you are of reaping the benefits.

You reap what you sow.

When it comes to entitlement however, the lines can be somewhat blurred. In an ideal world, and logically speaking, entitlement is given to those that earn it. Example – you’re entitled to leave a shop with your items once you’ve purchased them. If you leave the shop with the items and you haven’t purchased them, you are not entitled to do so – this is commonly referred to as stealing. Some people are born into certain cultures/ communities that teach them to think they’re more entitled than others, this is called racism and unfortunately it is still a very real issue still in 2017. Every human should be born with the same rights.

But please let me cut the slow, gradual introduction and just get straight to the point…

Just because you got a couple hundred Sound Cloud streams and you call yourself a rapper… doesn’t mean that all girls want to have sex with you.

I don’t know who dreamt up this sense of entitlement that these ‘rappers’ are walking around with, but please WAKE UP (Michael Dapaah voice) and smell the scent of female perspective that is about to be unraveled onto you.

The Facts

First of all, there is no entitlement when it comes to sex. There is consent. Yes, or No. Even if someone’s your girl, you aren’t ‘entitled’ to have sex with them if they say no.

I don’t care if you’re a Sound Cloud rapper or you’re Drake… not all girls want to f***k you because you do music.

What’s that I hear? Something in the wind contesting my argument…

Rah you can’t say that, girls throw themselves at rappers all the time so who can blame them for feeling entitled when it’s so easy to f***k them”

 You aren’t wrong.

Many artists can get females left, right and centre by barely lifting a finger. Which doesn’t do my argument any justice. But this doesn’t apply to all artists and not all females – more on this later.


It Doesn’t Always Go Down in the DMs

 Everyone has to shoot their shot I suppose.

But a blue tick doesn’t mean every girl that you DM wants to f***k you either. I appreciate the hustle though, ever so slightly. A new day, a new city, a new country, an upcoming event… let me just slide into the DMs of every half decent girl’s instagram saying “come see me”. Top tip: For double the chance of success get your team to do it as well.

“Come see me”

… What a captivating message. I mean, I always dreamt of this moment and I feel so special to be chosen. What did I do to deserve such a well though out, articulate message? Like what happens next, do we get married or what? Cause I’m ready to pick out my dress…

(if you can’t detect sarcasm then you’ve come to the wrong place)

For bigger artists especially, I’m aware that their life isn’t going to be affected in any way shape or form by a small majority of girls not responding – but it is satisfying none the less.

Delusion/ False Sense of Entitlement

 Delusion is a strong word but I’ve become beyond fed up of females being labeled as something based off of assumptions. If you’ve been in a video then you’re a video hoe. If you’re on instagram with a certain amount of followers then you’re an insta hoe. If you strip then you’re a hoe. If you’re a female that attends events within the music scene then you become a ‘music scene girl’ – the assumption being that you’ve probably f******d 1, 2 or 10 guys from the music scene.

Can a woman not simply work to make money without being labeled something derogatory? Generalisation plays a huge role because obviously a stereotype originates from somewhere, and it’s true that a lot of females do fit the stereotype. But assumptions are a quick, and lazy way to form an opinion.

What I’m referencing here is less about delusion and more about the false sense of entitlement that some rappers/ music artists feel when it comes to girls. It goes without saying that this isn’t applicable to all music artists, there are plenty of males in the industry that are successful, humble, respectful to females and, quite frankly have better things to worry about than which girl in the room they are going to ‘pick’ to take home with them.

Anyway, there are unfortunately some artists that function under the pretense that because they do music, females should want to fall at their feet.

 Trigger words that are used to boost sense of entitlement:

“I’m a rapper”

“Have you ever been with a rapper before?”

“I have over 100K views on youtube’

“I know Drake”

“I’m in stuuu b” (stu = studio. Text usually sent no earlier than 2am to emphasise work ethic)

“Come down to the video shoot, bring your girls”

“Wanna roll stu, bring your girls”

“You’re rolling with the winners circle now”

I’m sure that girls can relate to at least one of the above. And from a female perspective (a female that doesn’t roll to an event wanting to f***k a music artist) it is extremely tedious to say the least being labeled and looked at like a piece of meat. I came to this event to support my girl friend who’s performing but you’re out here moving like we came to just sit around and be in the honour of your presence? Because I have a vagina does that mean I’m automatically not meant to be here for any other reason?

Which leads me to my next point…



 Funnily enough, some females actually work in the music industry (a shocking revelation I know). So their presence at music events/ around music artists is their job.

I spoke to a number of females who work in music and it’s evident that working in a male dominated industry has it’s challenges, especially when it comes to the thin line between being viewed as a professional or just an ‘industry girl.’

Another common opinion was that females feel as though they are overlooked professionally, not being viewed as valid contributors and struggling to have their ideas being taken seriously. Others said that they were offered opportunities to elevate their professional careers, which were retracted after they refused the sexual advances of a male.

The opinions of males were also particularly imbalanced. Some stating that they found females to be ‘bossy’ because they think they need to outshine their male counterparts. ‘They think their s***t don’t stink’ was one of the phrases used. The majority however celebrated women in the industry, particularly the managers.

The point is – there’s often a misconception about females in and around the music industry. Not every girl is there to be a part of the lifestyle. Not every female wants to f***k you, or has f******d someone.

Process this key piece of information and lets continue on…


Letting the Side Down


Introducing the strongest counter argument of them all.

What better way to fuel a false sense of entitlement than to give someone the very thing they feel they’re entitled to?

Whhyyyyyyyy :(

You’re letting the side down!

In a parallel universe I’d like to think that every female has the same mentality but unfortunately that isn’t the case. And also, each to their own, who am I to tell someone how to act.

But at the same time… girls can you stop doing this please. Don’t get fooled by the lifestyle and the fake image. You probably have a higher income than the so-called rapper that you’re buzzing off of… they have disposable income as opposed to income income… i.e. they get money and dispose of it on pointless jewelry to maintain their fake image. When in reality they’re in their 20s still living at home with their mum who struggles from pay check to pay check – but yet they’d rather spend the money they could give to her on a wannabe fake VVS signet ring? A lot of you females have jobs, you may have been to university and graduated, you live completely independently and have these high standards of what you’d want from a man… but as soon as a ‘rapper’ comes around you’re ready to drop your standards?


As females we should feel empowered to do what we want with our own bodies and not be labeled something in return. But the reality is, we continue to empower males to feel some sort of superiority and entitlement by giving into them because of a status/ image that they portray. You aren’t going to meet the love of your life by rolling as part of a group of girls to an artists’ after party, and you certainly aren’t going to do so by sleeping with him. Just remember that image is everything, and we live in time where it’s easy to manipulate people into thinking something is more than what it is.

You can spray a s***t gold but it’s still a piece of s***t.

And males, keep doing your thing because who can blame you for living your best life. But please stop labeling and treating women a certain way because of an assumption you made. At the end of the day, although there may be a lot of females that do want to sleep with you because you’re a ‘rapper’… there are also some that have better things to do.

Ciao for now – Elz, the Witch.