#BlackHistoryMonth 31 Influencers In The UK Industry: Noel Clarke


To start of Black History Month, we’ve chosen Noel Clarke as the FIRST pick from our ’31 Black Influencers In The UK Entertainment Industry’.


Noel Anthony Clarke is an English actor, screenwriter and director from London. The actor slash director recently released his latest film ‘Brotherhood‘ – the final chapter of the ‘Hood’ series. As well as extensive experience in directing his own movies, Clarke has featured in a number of visual hits.

These include Doctor Who, Star Trek Into Darkness and Fast Girls. In long-running series ‘Doctor Who’, Clarke was the first black ‘companion’, alongside Billie Piper! Clarke also appeared as the notorious protagonist ‘Sam Peel ‘ in his ‘Hood’ series.

For those who don’t know, The first instalment ‘Kidulthood‘ (2006) follows youths in the Ladbroke Grove and Latimer Road areas of west London. The youngsters in the film act recklessly but each have characters are developed to present much more than that. Sam, an out-of- control bully targets other young people from his school and this leads to a spiral of violence. The final, murderous act of Kidulthood opened up for the sequel ‘Adulthood‘. This focused on Sam’s attempt at reform and reconciliation. As well as being action-packed, the film highlighted the issues surrounding crime and violence in the UK – particularly amongst ethnic minorities.

After immense demand and widespread popularity, Clarke released his third and final ‘Hood’ film ‘Brotherhood’, under distributor Lionsgate. This offered comedy alongside crime and was an enjoyable watch. The film compiled former actors to provide  that authentic outlook. Unfortunately, loved character ‘Jay’ was unable to return as the actor Adam Deacon had complex issues with 40-year-old Clarke. Noel Clarke has really changed the game during his successful career. We hope to see more from him!

“When I direct and I make my own notes I don’t always show people because they’re my chaotic kind of way. I don’t want a film school guy to go, That’s not the way we do it’.”

Noel Clarke is without a doubt one of our ’31 Black Influencers In The UK Industry’!