Bk Chat LDN – Americans have subscribed to the channel

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It’s fair to say that everyone who has Twitter has come across hashtags and/or recorded clips of people’s reactions when watching the show. Bk Chat LDN was a great idea for Andy Amadi, the founder of the web-series, to launch as it is very real. Bk Chat LDN  is what our generation is going through, thinks about and does. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched something and felt it was so relatable to my life whether it be through my own experiences or stories I’ve heard from my peers.

Prior to my Christmas holiday in New York to visit family, I had plans on putting my cousins on to Bk Chat LDN because if I was going to watch it, I would want them to get the cynical banter, to understand some sayings and to just watch it with me too and to my surprise they were already part of the weekly Bk Chat LDN viewers. Bk Chat LDN has officially gone across the pond and Americans have subscribed to the channel.

The FADER, a New-York based publication recently interviewed Andy Amadi on the Story behind BK Chat on the diversity in media, how divisive the show is and on what’s next. Head over to The FADER for the unmissable interview here, and then watch episodes of the web-series on certain topics and see how heated it gets when the highly-opinionated members clash.