Beyonce Shows Off Twins On Instagram


The Carters have been making serious headlines of late. Instagram went crazy after Beyoncé posted a stunning picture with her twins Rumi and Sir Carter on Friday. As always Beyoncé always has to go the extra mile as she wears a blue veil, and ruffled gown with beautiful scenery in the background whilst holding the twins to her chest.

Many fans were surprised she released photos of them so early, as many speculated it would be months before they saw any pictures. The speculation came from after many haters made fun of Blue Ivy when she was born, and claimed Beyoncé never gave birth to her and in fact had a surrogate. But it seems Beyoncé could care less and the fans are loving it with the photo having 9 million likes on Instagram in 24 hours.

As always social media never has any chill and some took parody photos of their own pretending to be Beyoncé.

Congratulations to her and Jay-Z. Heres some more tweets of fans going crazy below: