Azealia Banks Must Be Stopped


Azealia Banks makes it pretty easy to hate her. Hate by internet standards, not real hate like ‘You killed my wife’. No, more ‘internet hate’ like:




She says things like this, the internet says ‘She’s a racist’ and then she calls everyone racist for calling her racist. Even though:


banks admits she's racist
It’s easy to dismiss it as attention seeking, or even an arm chair diagnosis of some sort of mental illness. The truth is though, Banks shouldn’t be written off. 1. Her album is surprisingly good. No, it’s not traditional hip hop, but what it aims for, it succeeds in. And 2. when Banks goes on these rants there is ALWAYS an element of truth.


Without getting into the whole debate about colour in hip hop, and even if you deny the sincerity in her tears, she certainly has a point. Many of the issues raised hit home and from cultural appropriation to capitalism. But the most relevant point and likely an explanation as to her social media behaviour:

When I have to say anything about anything, it’s like oh here go this crazy black bitch

Like Kanye, Banks always speaks from a place of intelligence and social relevance, but completely undermines her point by the attention grabbing headlines she creates. But the Kendrick/Macklemore Grammy Awards was a huge controversy and with race being such a such a prominent topic, Banks is willing to speak where many black entertainers are silent. For example: You know how Banks says ‘crazy’ things like Iggy Azalea is racist? Well:

iggy mexicans racist


iggy black folks racist

And then there was that whole ‘Runway slave’ lyric controversy:

“Tire marks, tire marks / Finish line with the fire marks / When the relay starts, I’m a runaway slave / Master”

In her apology Iggy apparently didn’t mean ‘slave master’, but she does make a whipping motion in the video. And in this video with the guys from Hot 97 she ADMITS that she said the racist line to create controversy. Meaning Banks was 100% right.

So why must Azealia Banks be stopped? Because as a young, black, bisexual, woman she can be a voice for those who don’t have one. JAY Z is worth over half a billion and at his most humble never really spoke for the little man. Nicki Minaj is on the same path and Kanye? Well, he’ll certainly fight for your right to dress fancy, but at this point some ugly over priced Yeezy’s might be all you’ll get as far as social activism.

But with stunts like wanting to kill white people, insisting black people use their magic powers to kill white people and oh yeah posing for Playboy (And before any faux feminist arguments are made, a man sleeping with women almost 70 years younger than him in hopes that he advances their careers is in NO WAY feminism, and is really just sexual slavery) she doesn’t just undermine herself but she allows the general public to brush the points she’s making under the rug with:

oh here go this crazy black bitch

Ironically when people before Banks have politely brought up these issues they are politely ignored, so the only way to be heard is through ranting and attention grabbing behaviour. The conversation is an uncomfortable but necessary one, and if making these ridiculous statements is her way of bringing attention to important issues, then I guess it’ll have to do.

But surely the person who made this, could come up with something more creative?

  • Michael Opheim