Azealia banks is suing Lana Del Rey


Azealia Banks has been having a twitter beef with Lana Del Rey, it’s has become personal with the two women as they have both spoken about each other’s careers. Lana Del Rey threaten Azealia on twitter telling her to pull up and say what she has to say face to face.  Azealia Banks tweeted “should I be extra white woman and sue lana for threatening me? I thiiiiiiink so!”.

Azealia Banks then decides to tweet “Where’s the pull up tweet? I’m talking to my lawyer”, and Lana Del Rey responds to this tweet “tell him it’s a promise not a threat”.

Last night all eye’s were on these ladies twitter’s wondering why it started and what is going to happen next. Azealia Banks then quote tweet a tweet that was tweeted out by Billboard saying “She’s getting sued!”.

Hopefully this will be the end of this twitter feud between these ladies unless they are going to talk about it in the music.