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The Link Up Admin  •  23 Oct, 2015
Chip has dropped yet another reply to Bugzy, we’re starting to really believe that Chippy wont run out of Bars.
The Link Up Admin  •  9 Oct, 2015
Chip lets off a load of shots, with plenty aimed at Manchester’s Bugzy Malone.
The Link Up Admin  •  22 Oct, 2015
So after Chip has taken repeated shots at Bugzy Malone, the Manchester artist has finally had enough and has responded with this huge track entitled ‘Wasteman’ via Link Up TV. The track will be...
The Link Up Admin  •  20 Mar, 2015
Well known actor Adam Deacon has been sectioned under the mental health act, a court heard today. The actor rose to popularity after starring in Kidulthood and Adulthood. He also starred in and directed...
The Link Up Admin  •  10 Apr, 2015
Krept & Konan are set for a massive 2015 but their year has had an early unexpected bang after Krept was involved in a minor car accident. Krept tweeted about the incident which happened...
The Link Up Admin  •  11 Sep, 2015
The Link Up Admin  •  15 Sep, 2015
Chip is on a madness! He has now taken shots at Bugzy for the second time in the last few days! After dropping “Light Work” on Friday last week, Chip is back again to get...
The Link Up Admin  •  20 Oct, 2015
Less than 48 hours after Tinie Tempah dissed Chip on the sly at 1xtra Live in Leeds, Chip already has a diss track ready to take some shots at Tinie. Check out the music...
The Link Up Admin  •  23 Oct, 2015
While Chip has been sending bare shots at Bugzy, this is the second diss track Rage has made for the Manchester artist. Let us know what you think of Rage’s send in the comments...
The Link Up Admin  •  22 Oct, 2015
Just after Chip dropped his latest send for Bugzy Malone ‘Dickhead‘, the Manchester artist has dropped another track with a lot to say about Chippy entitled ‘Zombie Riddim’. Bugzy is even offering himself out...
The Link Up Admin  •  18 Sep, 2015
It’s that time! Chip unveils the third and final diss track in the last week entitled ‘Hat-Trick’ aimed at Manchester’s Bugzy Malone.
The Link Up Admin  •  27 Mar, 2015
After his video, The Insight on Link Up TV people have been questioning whether Squeeks is set to face jail time and today those rumours have been confirmed. A tweet from Squeeks‘s personal account...
The Link Up Admin  •  17 Mar, 2017
For this weeks installment of Origin’s #NoSleepTilSunday series – check out his latest offering entitled ‘Favourite Ting’! #NoSleepTilSunday is a brand new series Origin has started that will see the artist  drop new music...
stormzy - first things first
The Link Up Admin  •  26 Feb, 2017
Following the amazing response to his debut album ‘Gang Signs & Prayer’ Stormzy unleashes a brand new music video to ‘First Things First’ exclusively on his Twitter. Make sure you check it out below!...
Motive105 - Golden Boy Freestyle
The Link Up Admin  •  28 Dec, 2016
West London rapper Motive105 recently filmed a short documentary in collaboration with Converse in New York releases his first single in the form of ‘Golden Boy Freestyle’ over a beat that samples Lil Flip’s 2004...
The Link Up Admin  •  25 Dec, 2016
This month, I’ll (Joey Clipstar) be connecting you with the talented Kojo Funds! For those who may not know, Kojo Funds is from East London, Canning town and his sound can be described as...
The Link Up Admin  •  9 Dec, 2016
Belgium is famous for many things, especially its chocolate and waffles. Well there is something sweeter coming out of the Western part of Europe and it’s a new smooth sound from rapper Darrell Cole. The...
The Link Up Admin  •  7 Dec, 2016
Just in case you missed it! ‘The Birth of a Nation’ movie is set to be screened nation-wide in a cinema near you – from December 9th! The controversial movie, depicting a story that...
The Link Up Admin  •  5 Dec, 2016
Spoken Word artist M.Artz releases his latest music video ‘Zone 2’ taken from his forthcoming album ‘Grown’. Keeping abreast of current affairs and with a keen ear to what is happening in the community,...
The Link Up Admin  •  29 Nov, 2016
Link Up TV gave a young MC an opportunity to attend the 7th annual Ultimate Seminar on Saturday 19 November and an exclusive sit down with BBC 1Xtra DJ MistaJam and UK artist Yungen...
The Link Up Admin  •  17 Nov, 2016
As you may already know, we at Link Up TV went on a road trip to a few different cities across England, here is the result of our trip to Nottingham!
The Link Up Admin  •  16 Nov, 2016
Yo! This is my monthly blog post where I’ll be connecting you to an artist who I feel needs to be in the spotlight for the work they have been putting in. This month,...
The Link Up Admin  •  6 Nov, 2016
Road rapper Skyer makes his Link Up TV debut with the brand new music video to his latest offering entitled  ‘Trappin’.
The Link Up Admin  •  3 Nov, 2016
Road rapper Suspect recently hit up a show and absolutely shut it down with just one song! can you count how many times the song restarted? Big up!