Asap Rocky’s Home Hit With Armed Robbery


Fashion Icon and rapper, Asap Rocky, reportedly had his home in Los Angeles robbed by thieves on Tuesday night. Whilst Rocky wasn’t at home during the incident, one of his relatives were when the perpetrators forced their way inside the home to eventually get away with $1.5million worth of jewellery and supplementary property.

TMZ reported that the “three male suspects” pulled a gun on Rocky’s relative after she answered to a knock on the door. It is described that the men then “grabbed the woman and took her around the house,” searching for valuables to steal.

The men made an attempt to get away with a safe but ultimately ended up leaving it on the pavement before leaving the crime scene – obviously, it proved to be too heavy for the three. Fortunately enough, it is believed that Rocky’s relative was not injured during the event.

Sources have said that this hit was not random and that the thieves targeted Rocky.