An Evening with Nego True at Hackney Showroom

nego true

An Evening with Nego True is a heartfelt and meaningful showcase about deep personal life experiences that inspires, motivates and enlightens people on relatable topics. The show incorporates a variety of artistry, from spoken word, to poetry, to live bands and singers. The show was hosted by the amazing PYUD (Pure Yinks and Uncle D) who kept the crowd laughing throughout the show.

The show is broken up into two parts, ‘poems and spoken word’ and ‘the turn up’. There is a great balance between listening to deep emotional journeys and having fun; which ultimately gives the audience an insightful, yet, good time. ‘An evening with Nego True’ has become an event that stands out among the usual, for the great, unique experience it is able to give. For that reason, it has managed to sell out three years in a row around the world! On the 3rd June in London, it was Nego True’s second to last show ever, with the last being on the 10th June in Manchester.

Nego True

Nego True is a musician, a poet, an author and an all-round creator, who uses different platforms to share his experiences and artistry. Nego True has accumulated over 2 million views from his spoken word performances and has travelled the world with commissions including the Mayor of London and Shakespeare’s Globe.

Speaking from real life experience and engaging with the crowd, Nego True expresses his feelings along his journey and brings us with him. The connection between Nego True and the audience is undeniable. His emotions along with the lyrics he has written are infectious. The energy in the rooms’ atmosphere had shifted when he came on stage. The audience began to feel comfortable and let their guard down. As some tears flowed and others listening with open hearts, the audience became engrossed with the honest words and experiences of Nego True. Nego True performed several songs from his Top 40 project ‘Play this when you hate me’. Nia Ekanem performed with Nego True on their tracks ‘Pattern Everything’,‘Play this when you hate me’ and ‘Hollow Ponds’.

Nego True surprised the audience with a special performance from One Acen, who performed his song ‘Vice Versa’. We celebrated the track reaching 3 Million Views on YouTube, while Nego True gave One Acen a trophy on stage. Nego True also surprised the audience with a lovely performance from singer/songwriter Misha B, who performed her song ‘Silver Spoon’.

The amazing acts of the night

Amelia Grant was the first act of the night that set the tone for what is to come. She blew the audience away with her poem called ‘The Realist Shit I Ever Wrote’ which spoke about finding her purpose and expressing it through poetry. She wrote it as a poetic eternal dialogue to guide her through life. She also performed her poems ‘Designer’ and ‘Just Beautiful’ which spoke of not seeking validation from other people or materialistic things in life, but loving yourself from within. She also brought Zane the Guitarist on stage which created beautiful music while she performed her poems.@ameliapoamz

Azryah Harvey started off by performing her beautiful song ‘Into’ and was accompanies by an amazing guitarist called Adeola Adelusi. Azryah gave us a taste of her song that will soon be out called “Check mate” featuring Lioness. She also performed a cover of Teedra Moses-Be Your Girl with Charlene. @_azryah @bobo_nova @_leenmusic

Emmanuel Speaks performed a deep poem about life with depression over a cover of Ave Maria with Charlene. He gave insight into being a director of one’s life and owning one’s story. Emmanuel’s debut album will be out by the end of summer and his debut single featuring TE dness called ‘Who Told You’ is out now on Spotify @emmanuelspeaks_

Although this is the last of ‘An Evening with Nego True’, he will continue putting out content and sharing his artistry with us. Thanks to Lips Unstuck, The Hackney Showroom, Nego True, all performers and everyone who made this event an amazing experience.