Aml Ameen lands the lead role of Idris Elba’s upcoming debut movie ‘Yardie’!


Idris Elba will be directing his first feature movie on Monday and Aml Ameen will be playing the lead role! Ameen, known for his roles in Kidulthood and Maze Runner, will play the lead role of D, a small-time dealer who travels to London from Kingston, Jamaica, on a fake passport to crack the cocaine market in North London.

D hatches a plan to compete with the other drug dealers, and then takes over their territory, using a campaign of cold-blooded terror. Not revealing too much, Aml Ameen told Link Up TV, “It’s an honour to be working with a living legend Idris Elba, who is bringing this classic novel to life.”

Set in the Eighties, Idris Elba will be playing a Rastafarian named Piper, who is against the fact that the streets of London are flowing with so much terror, which is the way D does business. D wants to remove all rivals and enemies however, Piper is trying to avoid the violence.

Elba and his collaborators at Warp Films, StudioCanal and BBC Films, have casted some dope  young actors, which include, Naomi Ackie, Florence Pugh and more. Elba will take his Yardie cast and crew to shoot on locations in Jamaica in late June.

Meanwhile, the Police called off a casting for extras in Idris Elba’s new project after thousands turned up. More than a thousand people were said to have crowded and queued outside the centre in Hackney but two hours into auditions, The Hollywood star was forced to put out a message on his Instagram page warning fans that the casting call was likely to be shut down and requested for people to send him headshots instead.

Can the film just hit the cinemas already? lol.