All Female Grime BBC 3 Series ‘Galdem Sugar’ Coming Soon!

Galdem sugar

New all female grime series Galdem Sugar is coming to BBC3 soon. 

Thunderclap Media, headed by managing director Claire Zolkwer, has won its first commission: a six-part BBC3 reality show about women in London’s grime scene. The series titled Galdem Sugar will be centred around Madders Tiff, Laughta, C Cane, Pre Wavy, Cassie Rytz, whilst also seeing the faces of those they work alongside. 

In an Instagram post, Laughta said: “It’s one of the biggest opportunities for us, as it is gonna provide a real platform for females in the Grime scene to showcase our real life experiences, music and push for equality within the Grime Scene.”

As well as being Thunderclap Media’s first commission, Galdem Sugar is also the first joint commission between BBC3 and BBC Sounds, which will host a weekly podcast fronted by the stars of the show, to run alongside the series.

The aim of the series is to shed light on the underrepresented female voices in the male-dominated music industry. 

Stay tuned for the series, and podcast, air dates!