AJ Tracey detained by police prior to leaving Hideout festival in Croatia


After a successful time performing at Croatia’s annual summer festival ‘Hideout’ located in Zrće, Novalja, AJ and friends D7 (MTP) & Nyge were denied access to a flight back home to returning to London on 30th June.

AJ took to twitter with a series of tweets informing those of the situation and racial abuse they were facing.







The rapper also took to Instagram live to show how the officers were wrongly accusing them for being involved in a murder that took place at the festival prior to them leaving. AJ also iterated the fact that he was an artist performing at the festival which made it impossible for him or his friends to be involved in the conflict. It was said to have happened outside the Kalypso nighclub at Zrce beach at around 5.30am, where a 26 year old named by the Croatian media as ‘Ugo Wilson’ was stabbed to death. The victim was also known as ‘Kraze’ by friends and family.

The Londoner, originally from Barnet was described by friends as an ‘Amazing’ man.

After investigations have been underway throughout the days since the murder, a 25-year-old Brit was arrested at the country’s border control while allegedly trying to flee to London via plane. The police are using this as an example to be weary of any individuals attempting to board a plane to London from Split hence why they restrained AJ and pals causing them to miss their flight back. AJ’s plan was to fly back home to London in time to attend a Grenfell tribute event.

After being falsely informed that the flight they were intending on catching was stopped because of the situation, they were later told they missed the flight home and would have to pay a fine.

After hours being detained for no reason at all, the crew finally got out the airport after being bribed into paying a hefty fine.

AJ then took to an additional Instagram story to inform those he was grateful for the amount of DM’s he got and that he got out of the airport after being forced to pay his way to freedom.

After an eventful morning in an attempt to reach back to the ends, it goes to show racism is still quite prominent within Croatia as there was no need to hold the guys down in custody when police officials have confirmed that the suspect already remains in custody after being detained while allegedly trying to flee Croatia today.

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