9 Ways To Build Your Artist Brand #IndustryTips


Your artist brand is so much more than just your logo or font. It is the emotion around your fashion sense, your sound, and your imagery. It’s a complete experience and can be found in what you do, and the way you do it. It’s your DNA. See nine ways below for building a unique signature for your artist brand.

1. Engage your audience to fully understand what drives them. Fans take action when they feel a connection with you, so, always remember to ask for their involvement. Create a line of communication. Interacting with your audience encourages others to get involved. How well do you know your audience?

2. Own a unique position in the industry. Emphasize your distinguishing features, (who you are, what you do and how you do it). Be the only one who does what you do. What do fans get from you that they cannot find elsewhere?

3. People want to be moved emotionally. Inspire them by sharing your story. Whether they’re turning up or relaxing people want to hear music that speaks to their daily experiences, a lifestyle they can aspire to, or identify with. Do people resonate with the topics in your music?

4. Do you address your fans in a certain way? This can be in the way you greet them, or there might be a name they are known by. The secret to success in this area is to always add value to fans by not only creating great music, but by also creating memorable moments they can all be part of. Do your fans feel part of a community?

5. Endorse other artists. Share their work and celebrate the culture. Your success creates opportunities for yourself and others to keep the music industry thriving. Who else is reaching your target audience and how can you collaborate with them?

6. Social media is a powerful tool, but fans can switch off if you are only active when promoting a new song or video. Interact with your fans by sharing things they will find interesting. How often do your followers hear from you? Are you engaging followers or just ignoring them?

7. As an artist your music should be your number one priority. You will stand out when you have great music to share. Record as often as possible and keep upping your own levels. Good song lyrics become sound bites that people share in everyday situations to express exactly what they want to say. Are people sharing your music and lyrics?

8. People buy from you when they trust you. As an artist your income comes primarily from music, but once trust is built your music becomes an advert for your unique appeal. This appeal can create greater value via your lifestyle choices for authentic brand extensions, brand partnerships, and business opportunities. How are you building on your success?

9. Create a unique live show and deliver powerful performances. How much feedback do you get from the audience at live shows? How often do they dance, clap, or sing? Are people rushing towards the stage when you finish?



– Emphasize your distinguishing features

– Understand what drives your fans

– Share your story

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