9 Incredible Ways To Stop Time And Keep Moving #IndustryTips


Clocks tell us what time it is, but don’t tell us what time itself is. A week consists of 168 hours with an average of 40 hours spent working, 56 hours spent sleeping, and the remaining 72 hours to do whatever you like. How you spend those 72 hours determines your future. But who is in control of your time?

What you spend 40 hours doing each week is what you are defined as, a lawyer, an accountant etc. Serious artists then should spend 40 hours or more each week on their music. Living in a fast paced society demands that everything is done yesterday leaving little quality time to spend with friends, family, or doing what you really love. But how can you find time to pursue your dreams?

Einstein’s theory of relativity explains how time is not fixed and is relative for everyone. Time is a way for two people to agree on something if one of them is moving. For instance, if you are in a fast car nothing feels like it’s moving on the inside but somebody standing outside the car will see its speed. Marketing creates a similar illusion with promotion happening in quick succession making it appear that a lot is happening at once. Online data reveals that it takes 7 seconds to grab a person’s attention, but why is everybody in such a rush?

We often hear that success is a journey and not a destination, so here are 9 hacks for you to own your time.

• Stay present by eliminating distractions. Focus on things that take you in the direction of your goals.

• Plan things in advance and set reminders on your phone.

• Many successful people avoid ‘decision fatigue’ by wearing the same look everyday. Decide what to wear in advance.

• Delegate tasks – know your hourly rate, if you earn £50 per hour don’t spend all day doing something you can hire somebody to do for £10 per hour.

• Make your own deadline before the real deadline to give yourself extra time.

• Check messages twice a day or less. This includes posting on social media which can all be automated.

• Breakdown goals into small achievable steps.

• Streamline your priorities by understanding the difference between important and urgent.

• Look at your best results and prioritise a few main activities to focus on.

Tomorrow never comes because when it gets here it’s today. Stop time and create timelessness by focusing on the moment and spending time doing the things you love. Greatness takes time, give yourself time to create that masterpiece. Every great icon transcended time by focusing on the truth in each moment. The truth is revealed over time, and finding your truth brings honesty to your music, your message, and your lasting memory. Everything true lasts.

– Stay present (forget the past and the future)
– Do things you love
– Own your time