7 Giggs Classics That You Shouldn’t Be Sleeping On


Starting out originally as a DJ in Peckham, as stated in his NFTR interview, we wonder if Giggs ever thought he’d be where he is today. 

The standout rapper with the familiar distinct vocal tone, that we all know and love, released his debut album over a decade ago, after numerous mixtapes. His fourth studio album Landlord debuted at number two in the charts, followed by another number two with his latest mixtape Wamp 2 Dem; and we expect his brand-new release Big Bad to reach the charts too. Although at times faced with harassment from police not allowing him to perform at shows, he’s stayed true to the game and delivered for his fans; overcoming all of the obstacles thrown his way to earn a lengthy list of successes under his belt. 

With the recent release of his fifth studio album Big Bad, which was released last Friday, we’ve felt inspired to dig up our Giggs catalogue and find seven of his classics that we think you shouldn’t be sleeping on. If you think we’ve missed one of your favourite tracks, let us know on Twitter! 

Giggs & Dubz – Pain Is The Essence 

This sweet collaboration is one of those tracks that you would hear being played aloud from somebody’s Sony Ericsson whilst on the bus home from school. The deftly-produced instrumental is cemented in the minds of many, taking listeners back down memory lane every time this track comes on.

Giggs – Look What The Cat Dragged In 

A phrase so often used in the British diction, Giggs turned something so common into something gangster. His serious delivery and straight-forward lyricism make this one an urban classic. And if you don’t know, although you should know, now you know! 

Giggs – Talking Da Hardest 

If we told you to name some popular Giggs tracks, we’d expect this one to be on every list. Played in house parties and raves, school playgrounds and at home, Talking Da Hardest will have you saying “jheeze” even if you’re in a bad mood. For many, this is one of the tracks that strengthened the rappers longevity in the UK music scene. 

Giggs – Whippin Excursion 

This is a catchy one, and one that we even expect the young kids to have heard. Whippin Excursion is one of Giggs’ most effortless yet authentic tunes, and with the snappy lyrics and head-turning beat, we won’t blame you if you put it on repeat. 

Giggs – Hustle On

This track had the blocks bangin’ as Giggs laid down fire verses on this track with one of the catchiest repetitive hooks. If you need some motivation to go to work, or school, then this is for you, as the rapper is telling you to get your hustle on. It wouldn’t be a true Giggs classic’s list without this standout tune. 

Giggs – Monsta Man 

If you’ve ever been at a function whilst this track is on the playlist, then we expect you’ve seen a dance floor full of mosh pits, women grinding on men and gun fingers in the air; all at the same time! Giggs uses his grittiest tone on this one, and with every growl he makes his presence known. It’s a big one! 

Giggs ft The Streets – Slow Songs 

One of his most introspective and smooth pieces, Slow Songs is as it’s titled, a slow song. From the passionate instrumental to the emotive lyricism delivered, Giggs bares it all on this track; which will resonate with many who have struggled in life.