6 Powerful Steps To Connect With Anyone Anywhere #IndustryTips


In the age of connectivity how you utilise your connections determines your level of success. If it’s to be believed that we are, ‘six degrees of separation’ away from anyone anywhere in the world, maybe it’s time to look at how to connect more deeply with our contacts.

The ‘six degrees’ idea stems from several experiments conducted by a psychologist called Stanley Milgram in the ’60s and ’70s who sent 300 letters from a group of people in one part of the United States to specific people they didn’t know in other parts of the country. The group were asked not to forward the letters directly, but to use someone they knew on a first name basis, with instructions for that person to forward the letter to someone in their network that might know the person. The letters took on average six connections to reach the intended person, coining the phrase, ‘six degrees of separation’. Facebook has since determined that the number stands at 3.57 degrees of separation, with each 1.6 billion Facebook user being connected to every other person by an average of three and a half other people.

Some of us are better connected than others. We all interact with a wide range of people in many different ways for many different reasons. Asking your contacts for support in promoting your ideas can be an effective way to stay connected with a wider network. Jonah Berger, Author of Contagious – why things catch on, has six principles to facilitate this:

1. Social Currency – Think about how your product will make your contacts look cool by talking about it.

2. Triggers – Create new triggers by linking products and ideas to prevalent cues in your environment. Staying at the top of people’s minds keeps you on the tip of their tongues.

3. Emotion – Caring leads to sharing. Make people feel something. Emotional things get shared.

4. Public – The more visible your product is, the more likely people are to want it. Ask for help to make your product as visible as possible in the public sphere.

5. Practical Value – Make your product look useful. Create content that shows people how your product works. This can be done using video content and to attach a lifestyle to your product.

6. Stories – Put your message into a compelling narrative. Think of creative ways to embed your product in stories that people want to tell.

Ideas connect people, and sharing new ideas keeps you relevant. Each new contact can be as close as an email or a DM away. Bear in mind that no matter how easy it might be to contact someone most people will still check your credentials with a mutual friend or associate. Real connection lies in maintaining good relationships.

– Utilise your contacts
– What’s in it for them
– Maintain good relationships