5 new projects you shouldn’t sleep on

5 Projects You Shouldn't Sleep On

There have been a few very dope projects that have dropped recently and we’ve got a list of 5 new projects you shouldn’t sleep on that you might have missed in recent weeks. Check out our list below and let us know if you think there are any others that we could have mentioned

Stardom – Grams & Dreams 

Hailing from Birmingham, Stardom has been a putting work in within the UK Rap scene for a while now, dropping crazy visuals, a few big songs and racking up the numbers without going for a huge collaboration to boost his reach. In recent months the street rapper has been a little quite but after taking a brief hiatus to regroup – he’s back bigger and better with yet another dope project in Grams & Dreams. Gucci, was the first single taken from the project and the visuals to match it are crazy, check that out below and check the project out above.

Riley JH – Warm Up EP 2 

You may not know who Riley JH is but you probably know a lot of his work. The teenaged UK urban music industry mogul has been working within the scene, building his profile for a while now and is best know for managing rising UK Drill rapper, SL, though he does many other things and manages some other talented rising artists that you may also know.

Warm Up EP 2 is quite obviously a sequel of which you probably worked out via the title of the project. Riley tends to work with rising street artists in and around his age group on these compilation projects, unearthing some of the hottest talents around as well as including some more established ones . We are likely to see more big things from Riley especially since the announcement of a deal with Capitol Records UK so stay tuned.

The first track off this project is by Birmingham’s Mowgli, and has already been given the visual treatment, check it out below and check out the rest of the project above.

Rv – Im A Savage 

North London based  rapper, Rv has been extremely active in the UK Drill scene for many months, teaming up with fellow OFB member Headie One for a lot of his releases last year and even appearing on Headie One’s biggest song to date right now in, Know Better. Known by a slightly different name when he first appeared on the scene many years back, RV has steadily built fanbase up over the years with his signature energetic delivery and piercing punchlines.

With increasing rumours of the OFB rapper having to go away for a little while, he decided to gift us with a very dope set of visuals to company his recently released 7-track project, aptly titled Im A Savage with features from the OFB collective as well as Shower Malik and  Zone 2 driller, Narsty.

Rv couldn’t resist putting a dope set of visuals together and dishing them out to the fans in recent weeks and decided to go with his track, Hotbox, with Shower Mailik on the feature. check the visuals out below and check out the full project above via Spotify.

RM – Breakaway 

As Birmingham artists continue to pop up and begin their quite apparent takeover of the UK Rap and Grime scenes, respectively, some that have out here consistently doing it for years are still proving that they are huge talents within their own right, RM is one of them. If you don’t believe RM has been doing it for years there are still videos floating around on the internet of the rapper as a teenager shelling beats down seemingly effortlessly.

RM has released a number of well received projects in the past, as well as linking up with notable Birmingham based street rapper Remtrex when he was extremely active on the scene. This latest Breakaway project sees RM take us all into a brand new chapter of music from him as he collaborates with some of the new rising rappers from Brum town as well as introducing us to new authentic energy and styles. Check out the single he released with RK a little while back, below and listen to the full project above.

E.Mak – Crack The Code 

Much like the rest of the artists on this list, West London based 6FM rapper and prolific engineer, E. Mak has been in this game for a long time, steadily building his name up and mastering his craft – easily identifiable every time he releases something new. With wordsmiths like ySo? and TE dness in the same camp as E it has seemingly pushed him to make sure he always has that solid element of lyricism in his tracks whether intended to be sing alongs or not.

Last year, E. Mak joined forces with the Fresh Prince of Harlesden, Big Zeeks to create an anthemic banger that would see his music career change in a way that he probably didn’t see coming at that point but he has -to his credit taken it all in stride and continued this upward trajectory, going from strength to strength with some stellar follow ups.

Crack The Code is E. Mak’s debut EP, filled to the brim with lyricism and organic collaborations, this 5-track effort should demonstrate what the sheller is about and serve as a reintroduction for those who have forgotten or didn’t know what he’s about as he gets back to the very essence of spitting. New and old fans alike as well as some causal listeners  should take in the first single off the project below and check out the full thing above you’re feeling the vibe.