365 Days Of Stormzy


South London rapper Stormzy has had an amazing year. From the massive success of his ‘Dreamers Disease‘ EP, to winning his first MOBO. We’ll be taking a look at the highlights of Stormzy’s year for a reminder of where he’s gone and where 2015 will take him.

Don’t Waste My Time Remix

Barely a week into January Stormzy teamed up with Bonkaz, Swift and Young Teflon for their remix of Krept & Konan’s 2013 monster ‘Don’t Waste My Time‘. With everyone dropping verses that gave the original a run for it’s money, early promise was shown in Stormzy where with the new year having barely begun he seemed to have a point to prove. ‘N–gas just talking, that’s not important/ been the best rapper my age for a minute, please don’t compare me to ‘Tastic or Torment/ don’t get it twisted then man are too cold, but what’s a top 3 if my name ain’t involved?/’

Behind Barz (Take 2)

A much younger Stormzy took a run at the Behind Barz series way back in 2010. He’s almost unrecognisable( minus a growth spurt and a deeper voice) even so he still showed promise. So in March four years later he was much overdue for a return, and delivered on that promise with one of the most viewed Behind Barz ever.


Not That Deep 

And now the video that kicked things into high gear. ‘Not That Deep‘ was taken from Stormzy’s upcoming EP ‘Dreamers Disease‘. Stormzy built a buzz from his ‘Wickedskengman‘ freestyle videos. The culmination was ‘Not That Deep‘. Endlessly quotable, catchy lyrics and a sing-a-long chorus, ‘Not That Deep‘ was one of the biggest hits of 2014 and cemented Stormzy as one to watch. The song also saw a remix and a parody video follow later in the year.


Dreamers Disease Launch Party

To celebrate the release of his highly anticipated EP ‘Dreamers Disease‘, Stormzy hooked up with Krept & Konan and the Section Boyz for a launch party that united pillars of the UK scene. Filmed exclusively by LinkUp, the energy was apparent from the start, with the stage full of some of scenes biggest acts, all happy to be there. The biggest moment of course was when Stormzy started his set and drove the room crazy. This was the moment people were starting to notice Stormzy’s star power.

Dreamers Disease EP

Dreamers Disease delivered on all the expectations that fans had for Stormzy. The EP put Stormzy’s versatility on display here. From grime anthem ‘Not That Deep‘ to the cloudy sounding ‘Forever‘. He even threw in a little bit of afro-beats on ‘Jupa‘, bringing something for everyone. The EP was a hit, and showed massive potential for an album and set Stormzy for a huge 2014.

Notting Hill Carnival Performance

The world famous Notting Hill Carnival entered it’s 58th year, this year and saw Stormzy build on the hype with a performance at the infamous Rampage sound system. Running through a brief set that clocked in under 10 minutes, Stormzy held the crowd with a brief but intense set and was starting to see how big a hit ‘Not That Deep‘ was becoming.

Fire In The Booth

September saw everything from giving a talk at the Latimer youth event, a video with Ghost and even a MOBO nomination for ‘Best Grime Act’, but most importantly (to the fans that is) is Fire In The Booth. The long running series gave Stormzy not one, but two videos in the same month. With Stormzy taking part in the cypher with other rappers such as: Ghetts, P Money, Mic Righteous and many others. And he even managed to get a Fire In The Booth of his own.


The most important awards in British urban music was quite an eventful night, with show stopping performances by Krept & Konan and much deserved win by Skepta. It was a banner year for UK music, topped off by Stormzy taking home ‘Best Grime‘. Stormzy gave an emotional speech, delivering one of the most memorable parts of the 2014 MOBO’s.



Jools Holland

As well as the MOBO’s Stormzy performed at The Block Party with BBK, featured on Loick Essien’sNobody Remix‘ and on Paigey Cakey’s mixtape ‘The Right Page‘. But mere moments after the MOBO win Stormzy became mainstream news. ‘Later With Jools Holland‘ is a BBC institution and comes with a tonne of recognition. It has seen such acts as Dizzee Rascal, Kanye West, Rolling Stones and many others during its 32 year run. Dressed head to toe in a grey Adidas tracksuit, kicking things off with ‘wickedskengman live in the fleshStormzy didn’t alter his performance for his middle class audience, barely censoring the street tales of ‘Not The Deep‘. The audience sound a little bewildered by the end of it, but there was no doubt Stormzy did himself and the scene proud.

Redbull Culture Clash

Not only were the reigning champions of the previous culture clash none other than grime’s very own BBK, but this guaranteed an appearance by almost every grime name in existence. Fresh from his MOBO win Stormzy took to the stage with all the hype and energy of the night, making his performance one of the many stand out moments.

Look Like

With the hype train in full gear, November was a busy month for Stormzy. With performances at Noisey’s Grime Karaoke and Latimer Live and a feature on grime scene godfather Wiley’s new album ‘Snakes & Ladders‘. But Novembers biggest moment (and arguably the years) was Stormzy getting 0n a track with US hip-hop legend Jadakiss. Charlie Sloth was dropping a compilation album ‘Hood Heat‘  that paired the biggest acts from the UK and the US. ‘Look Like‘ brought together Stormzy, JMC and Jadakiss and was a huge look for everyone involved.


December capped off a banner year for Stormzy. Another video for Charlie Sloth’s ‘Hood Heat‘ compilation album with ‘Keep On‘, as well as the BBC really showing love and getting behind him. Stormzy covered everything from Drake’s ‘Hold On We’re Going Home‘ to Sam Smith‘s ‘Stay With Me with a tonne of surprises thrown in the middle fort Radio 1’s Live Lounge, but he was also listed as BBC’s ‘Sound Of 2015’ with acts such as: George The Poet, Novelist, Raury and many others. This was a strong endorsement and ensures 2015 will have Stormzy’s name written all over it.

2014 was an incredible year for Stormzy. From the freestyle videos, to ‘Not That Deep‘ taking over and earning him a MOBO and mainstream recognition. This is all positioning Stormzy to bring grime further into the mainstream and dominate 2015.